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Snorkeling Sites

Snorkeling Sites, Grand Cayman, Turtle
Everyone knows the Cayman Islands are a top scuba diving destination, but not all the fun is deep in the sea. Several shore sites play host to the wonderful world of marine life.


  1. Never, ever touch the coral. Not only will it cut you severely, but the coral will die.
  2. Look for the black iron shore. Fish will gravitate to any natural (or manmade) structure. They will use this as their shelter from their predators. The sandy shores are wonderful for swimming but it is amongst the turtle grass, iron shore, and coral reefs that you will find the greatest variety of marine life.
  3. Keep your eyes open and move slowly. You will be amazed at the marine life that will come out of the cracks in the reef and the sand!
Rum Point Beach
Location: Cayman Kai, Grand Cayman. This is the north side of the island, along Rum Point Drive.
  Snorkeling Rum Point Beach, Grand Cayman, Angelfish

When at Rum Point Beach, swim to the right (or east) of the pier. You will find everything from Sergeant majors, to lobster, to the occasional sting ray. We have even seen barracuda! Remember this area is protected and you are not allowed to touch, take, or harass the marine life! A natural reef runs along the northern shore of Grand Cayman which provides calm clear water fantastic for snorkeling! The water is shallow and there is no need for fins. Do to the varied terrain, you will find some the the greatest variety in marine life while snorkeling this fabulous beach!

Rum Point Beach shoreline/snorkeling
Smith Cove
Location: just west of Georgetown, along South Church Street.
Smith Cove Shoreline, Grand Cayman Snorkeling Sites
Smith Cove provides an interesting habitat for fish. Fins are recommended here as the current can be stronger and the water deeper. Follow the iron shore and you will discover an interesting array of fish. The water depth drops more dramatically here, providing beautiful underwater scenery.
Snorkeling Grand Cayman, Smith Cove